Monday, June 10, 2013

A Look at How We Grow It, Cook It and Eat It

Every dream has a beginning and mine is no different, I set-out over a year ago on a journey to make my dreams come true and as I am writing tonight, that dream took several steps  closer to becoming a reality! Tonight I submitted my project for approval over on Kickstarter, this is a unique funding platform for people with ideas that may not traditionally get the support needed to succeed. It is about more than money though, support is generated from people with similar ideas and motivations. The support is from a community who respect and believe in what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

I have not been doing much writing lately and that is for 2 important reasons. The first one being my family, I spent a great deal of time this past year working on making a solid foundation for Kitchen Time. With that accomplished I wanted to rush forward and see where it would take me...however, sometimes in the haste to make something happen you miss out on the why you want it in the first place. This way of thinking leads me directly into reason number two, I wanted to do more than just preach about something. I wanted my goal to be real and have a sense of substance that goes beyond my website, Facebook or blog page. I have always wanted to sit down and write my cookbook, filling it with recipes that I have worked on for 20 years inside a business that I love with all my heart and soul. For me, I can think of no better career than the one I chose. Food and all that goes with it runs through me, everyday and all day.

Throughout the time I have been spending on developing Kitchen Time, something else happened. I lost some weight, not just a couple of pounds...but I am hovering right around the 40 pounds lost category and have been here for a couple of months now. When I was at my heaviest, things looked much different to me. The hardest part of losing the weight wasn't cutting calories or watching carbs, it was actually looking at what I was eating and being shocked at what my body was being given as 'food'. Here is a tip for everyone...if you can't read all the ingredients then don't eat it. Foods packed with refined sugars, chemicals, artificial colors, hormones and other things are not good for us. If produce is grown in another country and then sent to your local market, question what they mean by 'fresh'. Food shipped out for a week, sprayed with chemicals and handled by countless numbers of people is not fresh. I may not be perfect with all that I eat, lets face these days it is darn hard to eat food that is 100% fresh and not be exposed to some type of processed foods. I do try and eat as best as I can. Increased vegetables and a dramatic decrease in those before mentioned processed foods are the biggest reason I have lost this weight. I also feel healthier, have more energy and feel cleaner for not having all those chemicals inside of me.

Most people find this cartoon a little funny. It is...until
you find out that it is all TRUE!!
We are very much what we eat. So what are you eating?
Did you know that across the globe, most countries have banned Genetically Modified Foods or GMO's as they are commonly known as? Did you also know that the Monsanto Corporation is
responsible for most of this product. America is one of the few countries left that allow this practice! Super Markets are stocked full of products that are direct causes to the rise in obesity across this country. As a country and as people we are faced with very difficult choices that have serious impacts on our lives and the lives of our children.

Now with all that being said...and trust me, I could keep on going but at this point I think you can get a feel for how I feel about the stuff we are eating today...I want to present you with my idea, my project, my goal and more than anything MY DREAM!

Kitchen Time: A Look at How We Grow It, Cook It and Eat It

I came up with the idea after thinking of working with the Farmers Market here in Weymouth. I wanted to not only demonstrate different cooking techniques, but I also wanted to research the farms and talk about them here on the blog. This idea has grown into the best possible medium for me. I have said many times that a cookbook is only as good as the story it tells. Many of the books I have in my library are full of recipes and almost as soon as I have them, they are forgotten. Some books however always seem to find their way back into the kitchen. These are the ones which tell me about the food, where it comes from and who the people are around the food. This project is going to be a combination of all this and more!! I will be able to write recipes using farm fresh ingredients, talk about the farms and the people who work so hard to make these products possible! My excitement is bordering on crazy and I am beginning to think my family is calling for people in the white coats to come pay me a visit!

Hundreds of REAL recipes, with REAL food and the REAL stories about the people behind it all. I hope that everyone will join me on this journey. Look for updates here on the blog page and over at the Kitchen Time page on Facebook.