Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Of That Old Black Magic

Welcome to 2012!! I know it has been forever since I posted and for anyone who knows me,will tell you that sometimes life has a way of running at breakneck speed and taking me with it. I want to wish everyone a great, healthy and happy new year before we really get into things. It is also important for me to give some background on where I have been for the last few months.

We begin this past October when the family and I were getting ready for the arrival of baby Rowan. Amy, both boys and I were spending each day trying to figure out how,where, and when life was going to change. Having a little boy is one thing, having a baby girl is another animal entirely and speaking as a dad of a brand new baby girl, it's not that easy! Well ready or not, Rowan arrived on October 21st after a marathon 30 hours of labor. Mother and baby came through with flying colors. A few weeks after baby arriving home, I lost my part-time job because I was being stupid. As soon as that happened though, I received an amazing opportunity to teach at the local high school. The only drawback was that it was for a limited time and it was teaching a subject that I consider an old nemesis, BAKING AND PASTRY ARTS!!! Now I am pretty good inside of the kitchen, can tear through creating amazing dishes and can prepare something from nothing. Baking however is tricky, you don't get room to add a little of this and a whole bunch of that. So I did my best, students didn't throw things at me and I came out on the other side a better person.

Now that I am home, time to start writing once again!! Well not so fast, you see first of all I still have 3 kids and I can tell you stories about the dogs that will leave you laying on the floor laughing so hard that you may in fact have a bathroom accident!! My baby's first words are going to be "Brady NO!!" along with "Missy STOP!!"

Everyone all caught up on life yet? Are you asking about where the food stuff is? What does black magic have to do with food anyway? Have no fear true believers (bonus brownie points if you just caught that reference) because today is all about bringing back the magic in honor of Friday the 13th, which was last week and if I am not mistaken, will show up two more times this year.

I did some research and read a few appears that food & magic have gone hand in hand for centuries. We carved pumpkins to chase away evil spirits on the Halloween holiday, or did we? Garlic is used to get rid of vampires, but what about mustard seed?...Read on to see some of the fun things I found out!

* In Europe, people would sprinkle mustard seed across the roof of their homes to keep them safe from vampires.

* In Japan people would scatter beans in dark corners and entrances of homes during the festival of Setsuben to chase away evil spirits

* Coffee grounds spread under the steps of your house will get rid of ants

* When baking, make sure to crush the egg shells!! Or else witches could use the ends to make a boat and sail into the ocean creating terrible storms

* Make sure to never slice a banana, only break it apart. This way you dont have to worry about having bad luck

* Peaches don't just taste delicious but they will also grant you wisdom


* Going bald? Well it is believed that if you pour rum onto your head it will cure those thinning spots

* Ancient Egyptians believed that onions kept evil spirits away and if they made a promise, one hand would always hold an onion.

* The last one and a personal favorite...grow rosemary by the garden gate or entrance to your home. It will chase away evil spirits and provide love and protection to family/friends who enter your home. What's not to like about that one?

Do you know of some food ideas blended with a bit of magic? If so I would love to hear them. In the meantime, keep on cooking and enjoy all it has to offer. Later on I will be talking about the Cider Braised Pork Shoulder I made last weekend and according to another Sean in my life it was, and this is a quote..."mmmmmmmmm". This weekend I am working on Smoked Sausage with Skillet Fried Potatoes...

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  1. You should talk to Steph about magical recipes. She has been a Kitchen Witch for years! There is a great book called Witch in the Kitchen

    Just in case you are interested in recipes that go with each Sabbat and Esbat! Steph is really the best resource though! Loved this post!!!